"Fair Play" is our value!

Another year we play FAIR! It is our value that guides us in our daily work.

"Fair Play" is our value!

The "Fair Play" recognition brings respect among other companies as well as among our company's employees.
We want to be an attractive employer on the market and offer friendly working conditions to people. The awarded "Fair Play" Certificate supports us in building a strong employer brand.


Kanlux in the BIM object

We would like to pass the good news particularly to those who deal with design, not only of the lighting systems. We have launched a cooperation with BIMobject Poland.



Dear Customers / Partners,  The pandemic scenario that had been predicted is coming true with COVID 19 being made more alarming with the upcoming cold and flu season.


New catalogue Kanlux 2020/2021

New catalogue Kanlux 2020/2021 is now available.


The new MOWION catalog by Kanlux 2020.

We are already providing you with the new edition of the e-catalog!