We are one of the leading European companies in the lighting industry. In our range you will find products that will brighten your day and night. They are produced in Poland, abroad and in our native Kanlux Factory. Watch the video to get to know us better.

We have been present in the market for 32 years

Do you know how many people are needed to screw in a light bulb? And how much does it take to create an international lighting company? In our case, two were enough - but with great determination! The founders of Kanlux - father and son - started from a small company, but had a clear (as befits a lighting company) goal. Currently Kanlux offers nearly 3,500 products in 40 countries around the world.

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Our mission and values

We built our preferred lighting company by understanding the customers needs, responding to them and providing the best service. The high quality of our products is tested in our own Kanlux testing laboratory. We are an experienced and reliable partner with numerous foreign companies. Our products are highly reliable, and if something goes wrong, our service centre is ready to help.

Research & Development

You want the products around you to be safe and durable. We take care of it on the production line and in our Kanlux Research Laboratory. Did you know that life cycle tests at our facilities can last up to 252 days?

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We are a Polish company with a global presence

There are many people looking for good lighting. Therefore, you will find our companies in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine and France. From there, the products continue to travel to our customers in more than 40 countries around the world.

Our associated brands

logo MOWION by Kanlux

MOWION by Kanlux

Installation accessories

On/off switches, contacts, special-purpose electric sockets. You can buy ready-made sets or create colour combinations matching your interior design. They will work well both at home and in larger investments.

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logo IDEAL TS by Kanlux

IDEAL TS by Kanlux

Modular equipment for professionals

Electrical modular equipment, enclosures and switchgear. For the convenience of electrical installers, we have introduced a number of improvements to facilitate installation and operation. Aesthetics and reliable mechanisms will please users.

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logo IQ-LED by Kanlux

IQ-LED Kanlux

Magic of LED light

Efficient, energy-saving, friendly colour temperature and 3 year warranty. Excellent bulbs - that are confirmed by the German TÜV certificate.

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Awards and distinctions

Certyfikat ISO 9001-2015

Brand of the Decade

Gold Emblem of Quality International 2018 award for iQ-LED Kanlux light sources

We play FAIR for yet another year

SUPER BRAND? Of course it's Kanlux!

Quality International 2017 award for the MOWION brand


Christmas and New Year with Kanlux

Dear Clients and Friends, Please check Kanlux opening hours for the Christmas and New Year time:

2020-12-21 00:00:00

Kanlux in the BIM object

We would like to pass the good news particularly to those who deal with design, not only of the lighting systems. We have launched a cooperation with BIMobject Poland.

2020-12-07 00:00:00


Dear Customers / Partners,  The pandemic scenario that had been predicted is coming true with COVID 19 being made more alarming with the upcoming cold and flu season.

2020-10-27 09:00:00

New catalogue Kanlux 2020/2021

New catalogue Kanlux 2020/2021 is now available.

2020-09-07 08:45:00