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How to choose the perfect desk lamp

A desk lamp seems to be a simple thing, but we should pay attention to several things besides its colour, shape and size. We will tell you what other aspects are important when choosing a lamp that will accompany you while reading or working or as a discreet light in the evenings.

How to choose the perfect desk lamp - 1
How to choose the perfect desk lamp - 2

The desk lamp plays several roles in our households. First and foremost, it is used for work and studying when it is placed on the desk - the main light on the ceiling is not always sufficient, therefore it is so important to light up the spot properly. The lamp is also frequently used as a night or evening lighting, when we are preparing for sleep or getting up at night.  We frequently refrain from switching on the main light then as we do not want to wake up the rest of the household.  The desk lamp can also be used as a night lamp - especially when it has such a function (as, for example, Kanlux ISTI)

The desk lamp is of great importance in children's room, which is multifunctional. It is the place for doing homework, playing, reading, gaming, but also sleeping.  It is a good idea to equip the children's room with an adequate lamp.  It is important that it have the broadest possible beam of light and a flexible, adjustable arm, thanks to which the light can be directed anywhere. 

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Additional functions, which are now available in very many models, are also important.  We can also expect the lamp to have the option of adjusting the brightness and selecting the temperature of colour. Lamps with built-in display, showing the date, hour and even equipped with an alarm clock, are also available (for example Kanlux AWAN).  A built-in USB port, thanks to which we will charge our phone or tablet while working or studying, is another solution that will come in handy. The Kanlux REXAR lamp is equpped with such port.

However, a lamp is not only a gadget and a decoration - it is first and foremost a source of light; the question is - what should we pay attention to when it comes to the parameters of light? Before purchasing a lamp with a non-replaceable source of light, you should check its parameters.  When buying a lamp with a replaceable bulb, you should make sure that you are buying the correct one (for example Kanlux X LED).

What should you pay attention to?
•  the colour temperature - the best colour temperature for studying is neutral or warm as it helps to focus and does not make you indolent. For reading, we should select a neutral colour temperature, and at night we should definitely switch to a warm colour (yellow) and bedim the ray of light if it is possible. It will help us calm down and prepare for the night's rest.
•  the beam of light - measured in lumens (lm); the higher the value, the stronger the light.
We should choose lamps with power ranging from 200 to 500 lumens, stronger light will be much too harsh,
•  the colour rendering index (Ra) - have you ever bought an orange blouse and then the colour turned into red or raspberry pink? It is the colour rendering index, expressed with the Ra parameter. Its value may range from 1 to 100, and the lower it is - the higher the probability that colours may be distorted.  The colour rendering index should be equal to 80 or higher.  It is important while studying, especially when we are looking at drawings, painting, colourful tables or diagrams, as well as while colouring (check out Kanlux IQ LED, the Ra of which reaches as much as 95).
•  flickering of light - we are not able to see flickering of light with the naked eye. It does, however, cause eye fatigue and even headaches.  Many sources of LED light are equipped with controllers of very high frequency which ensure that flickering does not occur (the packaging features the CC/IC icon). We should select only bulbs manufactured by reputable producers - even though they may be more expensive, the light that they generate is safer for the eyes.

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If you want to know more - see the glossary on our website.
Each lamp should be tailored to our needs and fulfil its functions. We should remember about it before making the purchase.  You will find the right desk lamps in our store.  We will be glad to answer any of your questions and advise you on the type of the lamp that will meet your expectations.  Watch the film which will summarise the above text and remind you what you should pay attention to.

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