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Ouch... who put the stairs up here?!

Stairs are present in almost every house. They usually lead to a basement or bedroom located on the first floor. In the latter case, the stairs are used during the early morning and evening hours when there is little natural light. Therefore, a journey up or down may end in a broken finger or, worse still, in a fall, which may have different consequences. How you can remedy this? We have some simple advice ;-)

Ouch... who put the stairs up here?! - 1
Ouch... who put the stairs up here?! - 2

Ensure safety                                                                                          We know that the stairs that we have at home should look beautiful and fit into the character of our entire “kingdom”, but first of all, let's remember to make them safe. The height of stairs, the depth of steps and their number, the type and height of railings and balustrades - these are matters that an experienced designer will certainly help you. However, that's not all. It is also worth taking care of appropriate or safe and aesthetic lighting of the space in which the stairs are located.

Types of lighting                                                                                 There are several ways to light a zone with stairs. It is worth noting the best way to choose the type of lighting for a specific type of stairs.
Stairs in a narrow staircase or adjacent to the wall can be lit by means of pendant lamps, ceiling light fittings, wall lamps or spotlights. Such luminaires will light the entire space of the stairs.

Ouch... who put the stairs up here?! - 3
Ouch... who put the stairs up here?! - 4

Lamps should be mounted as high as possible so that they do not dazzle or interfere. If you like small light accents, we offer staircase lighting, mounted every few stairs. Thanks to LED technology it is an energy-saving and very convenient solution, especially if we choose luminaires with a movement sensor. Then we won't have to look for a switch on the wall at night, it's also a good solution for the youngest members of the household.

In the case of free-standing stairs, the ideal solution is LED strips mounted under the stair tread (part of the stair on which you put your foot). The strip can be routed over the entire length of the step or only in its central section. An interesting lighting effect can also be achieved by mounting LED strips under the railing or at the interface of stairs and wall. Remember, however, that the strip should be fastened firmly enough and that its light is sufficient to light the stairs. The strip should also have a suitable IP protection (waterproof and dustproof).

Ouch... who put the stairs up here?! - 5
And one last piece of advice. When designing lighting installations for stairs it is really worth following two simple rules. First of all, we should remember about the staircase switches that enable switching on the light at the bottom of the stairs, and switching off the light at the top and vice versa (stair system). Secondly, already at the stage of concrete levelling of the stairs structure, it is worth determining the manner in which they will be lit. This will allow you to prepare the installation correctly from the very beginning and will eliminate future modifications.  
Jarosław Szulc Kanlux Product Specialist

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Ouch... who put the stairs up here?!

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